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Broadband & Telephone

As an Entanet broadband and telecoms reseller we can offer:

Broadband and Telephone lines with either free migration or a small set-up fee for new services.


For lower end users we can offer a month to month contract for business and residential.

For higher data use we can offer unlimited data packages.

We also can order fibre if available in your area.


With line rental at only £11.99 per month and calls at a standard tariff of 1.7 pence per minute to landlines and no contract, you will have the flexibility that you need.

Why choose Union Telecom?

Our team prides itself on support to their customers and can deal with the faults directly, we are confident for you that means not spending hours of phone calls to overseas support, we can resolve the problem for you.

Broadband price guide

Product Connection Monthly Allowance Price/Month(Ex VAT)
Fibre Business 15 Fibre Broadband 15 GB £22.00
Fibre Business 45 Fibre Broadband 45 GB £32.85
Fibre Business Unlimited Fibre Broadband Unlimited £41.49
Fibre Family Unlimited Fibre Broadband Unlimited £26.75
Business 15 ADSL/ADSL2+ 15 GB £19.75
Business 45 ADSL/ADSL2+ 45 GB £25.75
Business Unlimited ADSL2+ only min contract 12 months Unlimited £33.99
Family Unlimited ADSL2+ only min contract 12 months Unlimited £19.99
Fibre pricing includes an upload speed of up to 2Mbps and a download speed of up to 40Mbps.
Upgrade to 80Meg download and 20Meg Upload for an extra £4.50 per month.

The monthly bandwidth allowance for Business packages is consumed between 08:00hrs and 20:00hrs Monday to Friday. 
Bandwidth usage outside of these time periods is uncharged. 

Upon consumption of your monthly allowance and all remaining top-up, the connection will be rate limited to 128Kbps with an additional 1GB. Upon consumption of the
additional 1GB the connection will be blocked until you purchase a top-up or reach your next billing period start date.