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With the recent advances in telecoms such as VoIP including brands like Skype we’ve all become aware of improving communications whilst potentially reducing costs. However such systems, can be restrictive, cost sensitive and don’t give us the flexibility many of us require.

With Union Freedom* using your existing office or home telephone system  you now have the power to call colleagues, friends and family on their office system, home landline, smartphone or tablet FREE OF CHARGE* regionally, nationally or internationally.

The benefits and cost saving are enormous, whether for individuals or small to medium sized companies. Colleagues can communicate with each other via landline telephone systems and their smartphone, office to office, office to smartphone and vice versa. Whether the next desk or the other side of the world – NO MORE CALL CHARGES.

This really is a transparent service: no contracts or a  service agreement, we can connect  your existing  telephone system to an Iphone or Android wherever you are worldwide !. Keep your existing telephone and service providers , a completly transparent service with a one off set up charge…it really is that simple.

*Union Freedom can be implemented swiftly with little or no down time and the minimum of inconvenience.

*Connecting to your existing telephone system may require a site survey.

*Free of charge over WiFi, some data charges may apply over 3G and Edge networks.



Call Free: 0800 0831081 for more information.