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Whether simply upgrading your existing telephone and communication elements within your home or installing from new we have 25 years of experience working in the domestic and private sector.

With telephone and data converging to provide delivery of media including voice, data, music, games, TV and film, there is a growing dependence on systems and delivery methods such as broadband, satellite and cable.

We provide a complete domestic communications solution including survey, design, installation, maintenance, support and training for:

Broadband, Internet, VoIP and Wifi Connectivity
Phone lines and associated services
Office telephones and telephone systems
Data networks

We offer cost effective services that range from the installation of a simple telephone extension, extending Wifi signal range to designing and installing telephone systems and data networks for domestic, family and home office use. Solutions are provided for network infrastructure to guarantee telephones, telephone systems, computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, music and security will work simply and efficiently.

If ether your rural or urban location has additional buildings such as barns, office studios, home studios or garage extensions we offer solutions to effectivity maximise and enable technology to be used to it’s full capacity. If you are an self-employed individual, an employee or a company director the trend for either full or part time working from home increases the reliance on such systems.

For details of specific customers and work undertaken please visit the ‘our work‘ section.

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